VigRX Plus VS Max Performer

Max Performer VS VigRX PlusWhen it comes to male sexual health supplements, there are several different products on the market. Well, OK, that is a bit of a lie. There are hundreds of different products on the market.

As you may have imagined, the bulk of these are not going to be any good either.

In fact, many of the products that you find on the market are downright dangerous to consume, mainly because they do not do what they say on the tin. That is a story for another day, however.

On this page, we are going to talk about two of the most popular products on the market; VigRX Plus and Max Performer.

Both of them have been designed to boost your sexual health in several different ways. Both of them seem to be getting rave reviews too.

I decided to pit them against each other and try to work out which one is the best.

I am not going to go into what each of these products brings to the table. Mainly, because both of them offer the same thing.

If you do wish to find out a little bit more about VigRX Plus and Max Performer, then feel free to browse through the reviews that you can find elsewhere on this website.

Instead, I am going to pit the two against each other in several different areas i.e. the areas which are going to be most important when you are making your purchasing decision.

I am not going to talk about how effective each of the products are because, for the most part, there is very little difference between the two in this area.

Both of them are fantastic products in their own right.

Round 1: Formulas

Both Max Performer and VigRX Plus are 100% natural products. While there are slight variations in the formula of the two, there is nothing too drastic here.

Both of them use natural ingredients which have been proven to help when it comes to sexual health.

Neither of them seem to use any filler ingredients, from what I can tell.

Absolutely everything that they pack into their supplements is going to benefit you in some way or another.

Due to the similarities here, I am going to have to call it a draw for the first round.

Neither stands out. Both are amazing products from a formula point of view. We are going to be expanding upon this a little in the following sections.

Result = Draw

Round 2: Dosages

Both VigRX and Max Performer state that you need to take two of the supplements per day to see any benefit.

However, I am going to call Max Performer the winner in round two for the following reason:

In terms of ingredient quantity packed into each supplement, then Max Performer is a clear winner.

Remember; the issue with natural products is that your body is not going to take them on board ‘completely’ all the time, so if you want it to be effective, you need more of the ingredient packed into it, and Max Performer does that.

Winner = Max Performer

Round 3: Ingredient Quality

Both of the companies go to great lengths to ensure that they source only the highest quality ingredients for their products.

A little bit of a rant here; many of the products on the market just toss in whatever they can find for a cheap price.

Sure, this helps to keep the cost of the supplement down, but it also has an impact on how effective the product actually is.

Poor quality ingredients are a no go, so it is nice that the team at VigRX Plus and Max Performer understand this.

While neither of them list the actual source of the ingredients that they pack into it, you can be rest assured that they only come from top places.

This is one of the main reasons as to why these supplements are so effective for the people that use them.

As mentioned previously; both of these products are 100% natural.

There are no chemicals doing the hard work for you, which can be dangerous.

These companies are truthful about what they put into their products, and I love them for that.

Result = Draw

Round 4: Price

When it comes to price, Max Performer is the clear winner here. This, as you may know, is probably one of the newer supplements on the market.

While VigRX Plus has been kicking around for a few years. For this reason, VigRX Plus is able to charge a higher price simply because of its brand name and the amount of goodwill that it has built up over the years.

If you are looking for an affordable supplement that works, then I genuinely do not think that you can look beyond Max Performer here.

Result = Max Performer

Round 5: Judgement

All in all, Max Performer is a product which delivers better value for money.

I am not going to lie to you, both of these products are fantastic and they are going to give you genuine results.

I have used both of them, and I can assure you of that.

However, for me, I have been able to obtain slightly better results with Max Performer.

The fact that it is an overall cheaper product is what really allows me to say that this product is better than VigRX.

It is not massively better by any stretch of the imagination, but just has enough about it to make sure that this is your ‘main’ purchase if you are looking for a male sexual health supplement.

In the Max Performer VS VigRX Plus the winner is: MAX PERFORMER

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