Vigour 800 Review, TGA Warnings + Side Effects EXPOSED

Vigour 800Vigour 800 is another supplement that claims to be natural and effective.

People will just look at this, and the fact people assume that it works, and assume that Vigour 800 is 100% safe to use.

It is not, but I’ll come to that shortly.

People claim that VIgour 800 can help with the following:

  • Boost the strength of an erection
  • Eliminate erectile dysfunction
  • Boost energy levels in bed
  • Deal with premature ejaculation

Looking at the active ingredients list, I think that only one of these claims is ‘real’ i.e. the fact that you can boost the strength of your erection, but it does this with a pharmaceutical product so that is not too difficult.

How Does Vigour 800 Work?

The active ingredient in Vigour 800 is Sildenafil.

This is the same active ingredient that is found in Viagra, one of the two main drugs used for treating erectile dysfunction (the other one of them is, of course, Cialis).

Sildenafil boosts the amount of blood flowing into your penis.

It will do this for a short period of time, normally a few hours.

This means that it will be easier to maintain an erection while you are under the effects of this drug.

TGA Warnings

TGA WarningsThe TGA tested Vigour 800 and found it to contain Sildenafil.

Based upon a lot of research, it seems that the TGA found that the quantity of sildenafil between each of the ‘supplements’ was not controlled (this is also illegal).

This is why they put out a warning.

Even if you expect to be taking sildenafil (i.e. Viagra) when you take Vigour 800, you would at least expect that the manufacturers would control the amount of the drug that they are putting into the supplement.

It turns out that they have not.

This makes it even more dangerous to use.

A Warning About Side Effects

Vigour 800 Side EffectsSildenafil, much like other pharmaceutical products, need to be taken under strict guidance.

In this case, the sildenafil should not be taken alongside medications which are nitrate-based.

If you are taking medication for your heart, blood pressure, or diabetes then there is a good chance that you are taking nitrate-based medication already.

The reason is because the sildenafil could interact with the medication which could drastically lower your blood pressure.

This is, potentially, deadly.

Even if you are not taking other medication, you may suffer from headaches, confusion, blood pressure changes etc.

Many of these can hamper your life or even put it at risk.

The problem for you is that you can’t tell your doctor what you have taken, because the ingredients list on the Vigour 800 does not list what is in it.

This means that it is going to be incredibly tough to get the help that you need.

Basically, this product is dangerous.

What Is the Legal Status of Vigour 800?

It is illegal. Sildenafil is a controlled product.

This means that it can only be sold via prescription.

If you have not been prescribed Viagra, then you are not allowed to take Sildenafil, simple as that.

The fact that it is illegal means that it is not subject to any controls either.

This means that you have no idea what other ingredients are being thrown into Vigour 800.

The company could just change the formula tomorrow to a tainted batch of sildenafil and you would have no idea.

Should You Buy Vigour 800?

Now, let’s assume for a second that you are fine with purchasing a pharmaceutical product illegally.

You shouldn’t be, but let’s assume that you are.

This is a company that has lied to you.

Do you really think that they are not willing to lie to you some more?

Their product does not even state that it contains Sildenafil.

What are the chances that the amount of Sildenafil is controlled?

You may get a small amount, or you may get a whopping amount which could impact your life negatively.

Also, there is no real need to purchase Vigour 800 (we have no idea who manufacturers this product by the way), because there are plenty of genuine products on the market which you can use.

Many of them are going to be a lot more affordable and a lot easier to get hold of than Vigour 800 too.

Vigour 800 Alternatives

Thankfully, there are several alternatives to Vigour 800 out there, and our team have tried many of them. Here, you will find suggestions for some of the best supplements on the market. All of these are 100% natural and 100% safe to use and best of all they will give you the results that you want.

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Vigour 800


Overall Results


Speed of Results


Safe To Use


Money Back Guarantee



  • Cheap
  • Works Fast


  • Not Safe
  • TGA Warnings
  • Illegal
  • Side Effects
  • No Money Back Guarantee

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