Rhino 69 Pills Review – Do They Have Side Effects?

Rhino Pills 69Rhino 69 is a popular male sexual health product marketed as a supplement.

The problem is that the packaging for Rhino 69 is not up front about the ingredients that it contains at all.

There are several websites online which make the claim that this is a natural supplement, but there does not seem to be an official word from the manufacturer.

All that is claimed on the packaging is that Rhino 69 is a product that aims to boost erections, increase stamina, and make you last longer in bed.

How Do Rhino 69 Pills Work?

As you will see in a short while; this is another product which contains the same ingredients as Viagra.

In fact, the active ingredient is the same as in Viagra.

This means that it boosts your erections by increasing the amount of blood flowing into your penis.

It will continue to do this until the effects of the medication wear off.

This means for at least a few hours you should be able to find it easier to maintain an erection.

FDA Warnings

At the tail end of 2017, the FDA in America ordered in a batch of Rhino 69.

I can’t imagine that they had much difficulty sourcing it.

It is sold extensively online.

What they found was that Rhino 69 was not exactly what it claimed to be.

This supplement contains an ‘undeclared’ ingredient known as sildenafil.

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra i.e. it is what makes Viagra work.

This means that this is not a natural product at all.

It relies on a heavily regulated pharmaceutical product.

In fact, not just any old pharmaceutical product, one that you need a prescription to be able to purchase.

Rhino 69 Side Effects

Side effects of Rhino 69Sildenafil is strictly controlled due to the way in which it interacts with some medications.

For example; it is unlikely that you will be prescribed any products containing sildenafil if you take medication for diabetes, blood pressure issues, or heart issues.

This is because the sildenafil will interact with the medication.

This may lead to your blood pressure being drastically lowered. This could be fatal.

Standard side effects of products which contain sildenafil include; headaches, dizziness, confusion, chest pain, and erections which do not seem to disappear.

While a few of these side effects do not appear to be serious, suffering from them does indicate that the product may not be right for you.

What Is the Legal Status of Rhino 69?

Even though you may see it listed on several major websites, Amazon being one of the bigger ones here, this does not mean that it is legal.

It means that somebody is trying to claim that it is legal.

However, this is a product marketed as a supplement.

To sell a product as a supplement in any country does require that it conforms to some very specific rules.

There is no country that Rhino 69 can legally be sold as a supplement.

The sildenafil content ensures this. And no, you can’t purchase it if you have a prescription for another product that contains sildenafil (i.e. Viagra), because your prescription only covers the Viagra.

You probably would not want to be using a shoddy product like this if you have been prescribed Viagra.

It would make no sense.

Should You Buy Rhino 69?

You should not. It is an illegal product which is dangerous to use.

Even though there is evidence that Rhino 69 works, this is down to the undeclared ingredient.

This means that the supplement only works because there is illegal medication in it.

There are no controls over what is being put into Rhino 69.

So, even though it is known that sildenafil can be found in Rhino 69, we do not know if the quantities are controlled between the products.

This makes it even more dangerous, and another reason as to why you should not be taking it.

Rhino 69 Alternatives

Thankfully, if you are looking to boost the strength of your erections you do not need to even consider buying Rhino 69.

There are several natural alternatives to Rhino 69 on the market.

These alternatives are not only safe to use but are 100% legal to purchase.

You can find a few suggestions on this website.

All of these have been vetted for their quality, and all of them will pass FDA inspection.

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