Proenhance Patch Vs Vimax Patch

Proenhance VS Vimax PatchIn the world of male sexual enhancement, the use of penis patches is relatively new.

It is effective, mainly because it ensures that all those amazing nutrients and other ingredients are delivered directly to your penis, but there are still very few companies out there offering this system, perhaps because it is a bit more ‘expensive’ to get set up, particularly in an age where most men are still opting for the ‘good old’ pill.

Here, we are going to look at two of the most popular penis patches on the market; Proenhance Patch and Vimax Patch.

Both of them claim to offer the same benefits (longer penis, better erections, better orgasms), so we need to look at them in other ways, just to help you to decide which one is going to be great for you.

Round 1: Formulas

Both products claim to contain 100% natural ingredients.

According to their website, the overall ingredients list is much the same too.

These are the types of ingredient that you will find in various male sexual health supplements on the market, so you have probably encountered them before. This includes ginseng and menthol.

Sounds good, right? Well, sort-of. I do not trust Vimax as a company. I do not know the exact formulation of Vimax Patch beyond what they include on their website.

However, I do want to highlight that Vimax is a company that has several male sexual health enhancement products out there. In fact, they produce one of the most popular male pills.

However, the FDA took this product, tested it, and discovered that it was really an illegal pharmaceutical which could cause death in the wrong hands, as opposed to a natural product.

For all I know, Vimax Patch could be a 100% natural product.

I do not have the equipment needed to test it myself, but I can’t trust it.

The way in which the company has operated in the past has made it exceedingly difficult for me to trust the other products that they produce.

If you want to take the risk and use it, then by all means feel free, but I do not recommend it.

Round 2: Dosages

Both Proenhance Patch and Vimax Patch have been designed to be used every 3 days.

This is an incredibly convenient dosage because once it is in place, you can just forget about it for a while.

With your standard supplements, if you are not using them 3 times per day, then you are going to see no benefit from them.

This is why so many people end up failing when they use standard supplements.

They just forget about them.

This means that their body is not getting all the resources that it needs regularly enough.

I guess this is a distinct advantage for penis patches.

I am going off on a tangent here. I am going to call this section a tie based upon me assuming that Vimax Patch contains the ingredients in the dosages that it claims.

If it does not then, obviously, Proenhance would win this section.

Both of them seem to have ample natural ingredients in them in sufficient dosages that your health should benefit, which is nice.

It means that they should both work.

Round 3: Ingredient Quality

This is a section that, again, I will need to call a tie assuming that the ingredients found in Vimax Patch are what they say on the tin.

If they aren’t (always keep an eye out for those FDA warnings) then just assume that it is Proenhance winning this round.

I say this, because there is evidence that both of these products are very effective for the people that use them.

This means that if they are not using pharmaceutical ingredients, then they must be using high-quality natural ingredients.

You do not get benefits from natural products if they are too cheap, so at least we know that neither Proenhance or Vimax are scraping the bottom of the barrel here in order to make a quick dollar.

Without knowing the actual source of the ingredients, which neither company is ever going to talk about, it is impossible to make a better comparison than this.

Round 4: Price

Proenhance Patch is by far the cheaper product here.

This is something which baffles me as many people tout it as the superior product.

Both of the companies offer ‘deals’ if you purchase several months supply at once.

However, even when you look at it like that, by opting for Proenhance you are going to be saving a decent sum of cash, which is nice because it is a good product, so you may as well opt for that.

Remember; once you know that a product is going to be effective for you, you should always purchase several months at a time.

You could see yourself saving a good couple of hundred dollars here.

Round 5: Judgement

Proenhance PatchI recommend Proenhance Patch.

This is based solely on what I claimed in the first round.

This is the fact that I find it hard to trust Vimax Patch to be what it claims to be when other products from this company have failed FDA checking.

They may both work, in fact I know they both work because I have used both of them, but I can’t get over that trust issue, particularly because if the product is not what it claims to be and it is more in line with other Vimax products, then my health is on the line and I am not a massive fan of that.

Remember; if you are purchasing the Proenhance Patch, then it is important that you make sure that you purchase it from a legitimate source.

There are far too companies out there who are pretending to be Proenhance when they are anything but.

The only place where you can guarantee you are buying the ‘real deal’ is if you purchase it from the official Proenhance Patch website.

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