Plant Vigra Review – Is This Product REALLY Plant Based?

Plant VigraPlant Vigra is a popular product in the male sexual health enhancement world. In fact, many top supplement websites sell the product.

You may even find it sold on major ‘marketplace’ websites.

However, you should remember that if you do see it on a major marketplace it is not being sold by the company that runs the website.

It is, instead, being sold by a company that has listed the product on there.

Little is known about the contents of Plant Vigra.

However, most websites, and the packaging of the product, claim that it is a natural product which helps to boost the following:

  • Erections
  • Penis Size
  • Stamina

Basically, it is marketed as the ultimate male sexual health supplement.

How Does Plant Vigra Work?

Plant Vigra boosts circulation in your body for a few hours.

This increases the amount of blood that could potentially be flowing into the penis.

This makes it easier for a person to obtain and maintain an erection.

FDA Warnings

FDA WarningsIn 2015, the FDA intercepted a shipment of various products marketed as supplements.

One of these products was Plant Vigra.

After careful inspection, they discovered that Plant Vigra was not natural as the manufacturers claimed.

Instead, it contains an ingredient known as sildenafil.

For those who are unaware, sildenafil is the same as the active ingredient found in Viagra.

This means that Plant Vigra, despite being marketed as a natural supplement, is a product which should be strictly controlled.

Other government organizations from around the world have also confirmed the findings of the FDA.

Plant Vigra Side Effects

Plant Vigra Side EffectsWhen taken without care, sildenafil is a very dangerous ingredient.

The main reason is that it should not be taken in conjunction with any medication which contains nitrates.

If you suffer from diabetes, blood pressure issues, or heart issues then the chances are high that you are taking a medicine which has nitrates in it.

This means that doctors would never prescribe you with Viagra.

The reason is because the sildenafil interacting with the other drugs could result in your blood pressure being lowered to dangerous levels.

Even if you are not taking any medication, there is a chance that sildenafil could cause headaches, chest pain, joint pain, muscle pain, and a whole host of other issues.

If this happens, then it is important that you cease using the medication as soon as possible and consult a doctor.

What Is the Legal Status of Plant Vigra?

Legal StatusPlant Vigra is 100% illegal. To be marketed as a supplement, a product needs to conform to various guidelines.

These guidelines essential boil down to that you should not include any ingredients in your product which are controlled by the FDA i.e. nothing illegal and nothing which requires a prescription.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule e.g. you can’t have a supplement with chemicals in it.

Basically, the product should be natural.

This means that Plant Vigra does not conform to any rules.

It can’t even be sold as a prescription because the ingredients are not clearly labelled and the area that the product is manufactured in (we do not know where it is manufactured) does not conform to FDA regulations.

Just because you can buy Plant Vigra does not mean that you should buy it.

Should You Buy Plant Vigra?

RejectedWhile I am not going to deny that Plant Vigra works, mostly because it contains the same active ingredient that Viagra has, it is just dangerous to consume.

You may have certain issues which mean that sildenafil is not going to be right for you.

In addition to this, since sildenafil is kept as a ‘hidden ingredient’ on Plant Vigra, there is no way in which to tell how much of the ingredient is in the supplement, or even the quality of the ingredient.

The result is that it may be dangerous for you.

Plant Vigra Alternatives

Thankfully, there are several alternatives to Plant Vigra on the market.

These products will pass an FDA inspection if they are ever faced with one, and most of these products have been.

These products have also been proven to work.

While you will be going down the natural route which can be a bit slower, at least you are not going to be putting your life at risk when you take the supplement.

I have included several recommendations for ‘top tier’ alternatives on this website.

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Plant Vigra


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  • Fast Acting


  • Contains Drugs
  • Side Effects
  • Not Safe To Use
  • FDA Warnings

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