Niacin For Male Enhancement

Niacin For Male EnhancementNiacin, sometimes known as nicotinic acid, and in other cases Vitamin B3, is an essential nutrient.

Your body needs it.

In fact, you should be getting at least 11/mg of niacin into your diet each day.

However, it is suggested that you get somewhere closer to the 14 to 16mg per day mark.

Niacin is important to your body in several different ways, not just when it comes to male sexual health.

One of its important roles (which actually applies to male sexual health, but more on that shortly) is how Niacin, and other B Vitamins, help to ensure that your body breaks down food.

It also helps to improve circulation, tackle inflammation, and reduce stress.

Not too long ago, Niacin deficiency was a very real concern.

As a result, many companies fortify their products with Niacin.

You can also find it naturally occurring in some oily fish and chicken.

However, the best route to go down is to always supplement, particularly if you are planning to use it to improve your sexual health.

How Does Niacin Work for Male Enhancement?

Where do we begin?

Niacin is probably one of the most beneficial nutrients out there when it comes to dealing with male sexual enhancement.

It has a benefit on just about every aspect of your system.

It boosts protein usage, it helps to improve circulation, it helps hormone production, it busts stress, it helps with the digestion of food.

If you take just one supplement for improving your sexual health, then it absolutely should be Niacin.

5 Male Sexual Health Benefits of Niacin

Niacin BenefitsThese are some of the most common male enhancement benefits of Niacin.

#1 – Energy Boosting

This is where the breaking down of the food comes in handy.

One of the jobs of Niacin is to ensure that as much ‘energy benefit’ as possible is extracted from the food that you eat.

This, essentially, means that Niacin is going to give you a whopping energy boost.

Of course, this is going to impact you in several areas of your life.

For example; if you enjoy an energy boost then you will be able to work out for longer and harder, but it will also benefit you in the bed.

More energy means that you will be able to last longer.

You will be able to enjoy multiple sex sessions, and you may even be able to get a bit more adventurous with your positions.

One of the most common symptoms of a Niacin deficiency is fatigue, so you may find that taking a supplement which contains Niacin will help to clear that up.

#2 – Improves Your Mood

There is evidence to suggest that Niacin helps to boost the production of certain chemicals in your body.

The increase in production of these chemicals may give you a mood boost.

Many people who are suffering from stress find that their symptoms clear up once they start taking Niacin-containing supplements.

Of course, stress is a major factor in reducing your enjoyment of sex.

It is also going to be a major factor in whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or not.

In fact, most erectile dysfunction issues are down to heightened stress levels.

#3 – Improved Semen Production

Niacin also makes it easier for your body to use the resources that it has at its disposal.

Proteins are a key compound in semen production.

It needs a lot of them, and Niacin will ensure that it gets exactly what it wants. Improved semen production means two things.

The first is that you are going to get more enjoyment out of sex.

Higher semen production means that more semen is going to be coming out of your penis at once when you climax.

The more semen coming out at once, the more ‘sensitive’ the nerves in your penis get.

This means that it feels better.

Of course, the person that you are with is certainly going to enjoy having a massive load in them too.

The second benefit is that more semen means more protection for your sperm.

This may help to boost fertility rates.

#4 – Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Evidence suggests that Niacin improves circulation in your body.

Of course, proper circulation is going to be important when it comes to ensuring that you enjoy healthy erections.

Many people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction claim that supplements such as Niacin clear up the condition once and for all.

More blood flows into their penis, which basically guarantees this.

Not only this, but Niacin plays an important role in ensuring that your blood vessels remain healthy.

This ensures that they are able to carry more blood at once.

To cap it off, and yes I mentioned this previously but it is worth mentioning again, the Niacin will help to lower stress levels which is another common reason for erectile dysfunction.

#5 – Increase Libido

Finally; Niacin will help to boost the production of certain hormones.

These hormones may help to boost your desire for sex.

If you have not been feeling like you want sex for a while, Niacin will help.

Should You Use Niacin For Male Enhancement?

Niacin ResultsThere is no nutrient more beneficial to your health than Niacin.

The best part is that all the benefits that I listed before have been subject to rigorous clinical study.

This means that you have scientific evidence that the benefits are there.

While you can purchase dedicated Niacin supplements, it is generally recommended that you purchase male sexual health supplements which contain Niacin as well as a host of other ingredients.

There will not be that much extra cost, but you will be getting a whole host of different benefits.

Remember; there are plenty of ‘scams’ out there when it comes to male sexual health products.

It is important that you choose the right ones and purchase them from the right places.

If you need any pointers, then I have tried many of the products on the market and will be more than happy to help you.

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