Kangaroo Pills Review – Another Supplement With Hidden Drugs?

Kangaroo Pills are often marketed as ‘Australia Kangaroo Essence’.

Although, to be honest, it does not matter what you call it.

The product is written 100% in Chinese and does not even come from Australia (despite the name, it is 100% illegal in Australia).

The manufacturers of Kangaroo pills claim that their product is 100% natural and aims to do the following:

  • Help with premature ejaculation
  • Boost the size of erections
  • Increase energy levels

Some bold claims indeed.

However, as you are about to see, Kangaroo Pills don’t quite live up to the reputation that the manufacturers (whoever they are) have tried to craft for themselves.

How Does It Claim To Work?

This product claims that it increases the amount of blood flowing into the penis.

This, in turn, will result in stronger and longer lasting erections for the person taking the supplement.

I can’t deny that this is something that happens.

I know that ingredients inside of this product (this product is not 100% natural, despite the claims), so we know exactly what will happen if you take this supplement.

It works in exactly the same way as Viagra, so we know that it works.

This does not mean that it is safe to use, though.

FDA Warnings

In the United States, and most countries for that matter, it is fine to sell male sexual health supplements.

However, the definition of supplement is very specific.

It means (for the most part, there are some exceptions), that your product is 100% natural.

It means that it contains no ingredients which are subject to regulation.

Basically, anybody could put together the product themselves using natural ingredients only.

As male sexual health is such a profitable area, plenty of companies have decided to put together products to capitalize upon this.

They are always trying to one-up each other to ensure that it is their product that sells.

More often than not, this means that they are including strictly controlled ingredients in their product but still trying to pass off the product as a supplement.

This is illegal.

Kangaroo Pills do this.

The FDA and the TGA (the Australian equivalent) have found that Kangaroo Pills contain sildenafil.

This is an ingredient which is found in Viagra.

In fact, it is the active ingredient in Viagra.

This means that Kangaroo Pills are not natural supplements as the manufacturer has claimed.

This means that they can’t be sold as supplements at all.

A Warning About Side Effects

Side Effects of Kanagroo PillsThe reason why Viagra is available on prescription only is down to the fact that it contains sildenafil.

This is an ingredient which can interact with certain medications.

When it interacts with these medications, it can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels i.e. it could cause death.

Most of the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction tend to be taking these medications already.

This means that they could never be prescribed with Viagra, at least not without being observed carefully by their doctor.

This means that these people should never, under any circumstance, take Kangaroo Pills because it could kill them, or at least make them incredibly sick.

Even if you are not taking medications which interact with Viagra, you absolutely do not want to take Kangaroo Pills anyway.

Viagra is not a fun drug to take by any stretch of the imagination.

It can cause severe headaches, dizziness, confusion etc.

There is a reason why it is often prescribed as a last resort.

If you do take Kangaroo Pills and experience any of these symptoms, then you need to stop taking it immediately.

What Is the Legal Status of Kangaroo Pills?

In both Australia and the United States, where the product seems to be mainly sold, this product is 100% illegal.

Viagra is a prescription medication only.

This means that your doctor needs to tell you that you can use it, mostly down to those dangerous side effects that we listed before.

Even if you do have a prescription for Viagra, you can’t just get your hands on Kangaroo Pills.

They have not been checked for safety.

Plus, let’s be honest, if they are lying about what is included in their product, do you genuinely believe that they are going to control the amount of unsafe ingredients in there?

We reckon that they just whack a few ingredients into a supplement and call it a day.

This means that it is never going to be legal to sell.

We do not even know where it comes from.

Basically; if it is illegal to buy Viagra over the counter in the country you live in, then it is illegal to buy Kangaroo Pills too.

Sure, you may be able to buy them easily (there are plenty of sites online which offer the supplement), but that does not mean that what you are buying is actually legal.

Should You Buy Kangaroo Pills?

By now you should have worked out that I really do not recommend that you purchase Kangaroo Pills.

Absolutely no good can come from it.

It is not a safe product to use at all.

Sure, there is a small chance that it may work and give you all those benefits that you want, but it is not worth putting your health on the line to see if it will.

It is a dangerous product.

Countries do not control the supply of Viagra for fun.

It is because if it is taken incorrectly, you could die.

Kangaroo Pills Alternatives

Thankfully for you, there are several better alternatives on the market.

Not only are they safe, but they live up to their claims too.

Some of the products that we recommend can be found listed below.

Remember; whenever you are buying a male sexual health supplement, you should always ensure that you are buying a product which has been proven to work, is safe and, ultimately comes from a website that you can trust.

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Kanagroo Pills


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