Hard Ten Days, FDA Warnings + Side Effects EXPOSED

Hard Ten DaysHard Ten Days is one of the most popular male health products on the market.

Well, it seems that way.

It is down to marketing.

I have a hard time believing that this product is anywhere as popular as it claims.

Although, I am not going to dispute the sales figures as those numbers have never been released.

This is a supplement, well a medical product, which comes from China.

It markets itself as a 100% natural supplement which claims to help boost the strength of erections.

It is claimed that a single pill of Hard Ten Days can eliminate your erectile dysfunction for ten days (hence the name).

It is tough to know what the claims are beyond this because:

1. I do not read Chinese

2. Every marketer seems to make a different claim to target a different area of the market.

How Does It Work to Boost Erections?

It increases blood flow to the penis.

Simple as that.

As you are able to see, Hard Ten Days works in exactly the same way as Viagra.

This is because, for all intents and purposes it is actually Viagra.

It does not really do much more than that.

You stop taking Hard Ten Days and the ‘benefits’ are going to disappear.

There is nothing long term here.

In fact, I would be surprised if this supplement gave you more than a few hours of benefit, not that I recommend that you ever take Hard Ten Days for that matter.

FDA Warnings

FDA WarningsFor some obscure reason, the FDA have designed to put their site through some rejuvenation and the FDA warnings for Hard Ten Days have completely disappeared.

However, there is still plenty of information online about how Hard Ten Days has failed FDA inspection in the past.

I am sure that you know this already, but in order to sell supplements in the United States (well, to market something as a supplement), it needs to only contain ingredients which are not subject to FDA inspection.

This, for the most part, means natural ingredients only (there are some natural ingredients you need FDA approval for, or you could never sell e.g. marijuana).

Of course, this means that there are some companies which are trying to force products through which do not conform to FDA regulations but they are still labelling them as supplements.

As a result, every so often the FDA will order in these supplements and test their ingredients.

The Hard Ten Days supplement was one of them.

They found that Hard Ten Days contains Sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra.

This means that Hard Ten Days was not making you ‘hard’ the natural way.

It was making you hard by feeding you a 100% illegal ingredient.

This is not a supplement.

It is a pharmaceutical product which needs to be strictly controlled.

Side Effects

There is a reason why you should not be using any product containing sildenafil unless you have been told to by the doctor.

This is because it is dangerous.

If you take a medication that contains nitrates (you would be if you are suffering from heart issues, diabetes, blood pressure issues etc.), then there is a chance that the sildenafil could reduce your blood pressure to deadly levels.

It could kill you.

This is why you absolutely need to avoid Hard Ten Days.

Even if you are not taking that medication, you still need to avoid the supplement.

You have no idea how much of the pharmaceutical product has been included in Hard Ten Days.

I am willing to bet that the company is not attempting to control the ingredient quantities.

They just want to make money.

This, again, is something which could put your life at risk.

If that was not enough, assuming that the correct safe quantities of sildenafil have been included in the supplement, you still need to deal with the side effects commonly associated with sildenafil.

This includes dizziness, headaches, change in blood pressure etc. plus a whole host of side effects which are a lot more dangerous than this.

Basically, the supplement needs to be avoided as much as possible.

What Is the Legal Status of Hard Ten Days?

Legal StatusHard Ten Days is 100% illegal in most countries.

Even if you lived in a country where Viagra is available over the counter, the fact that Hard Ten Days lies about what is included in the product means that it could not be sold anyway.

After all, there is no country which is going to allow the sale of dangerous products if you

Of course, despite it being an illegal drug, you can still purchase it easily due to the wealth of companies importing stocks of it.

However, just because you can buy it, it does not mean that it is legal.

There will likely be no legal issues for you, but it is still not recommended.

Should You Buy Hard Ten Days?

RejectedHard Ten Days is an illegal, dangerous product.

I am not going to deny that it works here.

It probably does.

Viagra works and it contains the same ingredient as Viagra.

However, this does not mean that it is going to be safe.

As mentioned previously; Viagra is dangerous without doctor supervision.

This is before you even start to think about the other impact that Hard Ten Days could have on your health.

Plus, do you really want to be giving your money to a company who clearly does not care about you?

They have lied, after all.

Hard Ten Days Alternatives

Thankfully, there are several alternatives to Hard Ten Days on the market.

Most of them are going to be illegal products like Hard Ten Days, but there are other 100% natural supplements which genuinely do work and have passed every FDA inspection that has ever been thrown at them.

Here is a list of the best male enhancement supplements on the market today.

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