Free Trial Male Enhancement Scams – Everything You Need To Know

Male Enhancement ScamsMale enhancement scams have all sorts of different tricks up their sleeve to lure you in to buy their product.

One of the most prevalent is the free trial.

After all, it really plays into human emotion.

People think “I am getting something for free. What do I have to lose?”.

Well, turns out quite a bit.

Let me introduce you to the world of free trial male enhancement scams.

I want to talk about the most prevalent of these scams here (there are several of them).

Why Do Male Enhancement Supplements Offer Free Trials?

Most companies know that people are not going to stump up a lot of cash to try a random product online, particularly something which makes wild claims such as ‘permanent penis enlargement from taking one pill’, or something equally as silly.

They know that if they offer a free trial, they are far more likely to get lots of orders.

They also know that once they have your payment details, you are far less-likely to cancel (this is something which we will discuss in a short while)

Now, before we talk about the various free trial male enhancement scams, we do want to point out that not every free trial is a scam.

Plenty are 100% legit.

You pick up their product, it works, you continue with your subscription if you wish.

So, we do not want you to leave with the false illusion that every trial is a scam.

It is not.

In fact, we recommend a few proper free trials at the end. However, you will need to do your due diligence.

Not every company offers free trials

Generally, the free trials do not seem to appear with the most popular products on the market i.e. the ones which have been proven to work.

This is because these companies know that their product is worth the money that they are charging.

This means that they do not need to hand it out for free.

They know people are going to be willing to pay for it, and they are going to return time and time again.

However, once again we do want to point out that there are legit products on the market which offer free trials!

Hidden Terms and Conditions

This is probably the most common one.

There may be a few terms and conditions which really prevent what you can do with the free trial.

One which seems to pop up repeatedly is the idea that you need to send the product back if you are not happy with it.

For some reason (well, we know the reason), companies love to bury this little tidbit in the small print.

You won’t know that in order to cancel your subscription you need to send the product back.

In most cases, the company will charge you for what you received under the assumption that you are happy with it.

There may be serious restrictions on the amount of time you have to send the product back too, often they are so ridiculously tight that you stand no chance of testing out the product and sending it back to them.

Auto Billing Scams

When you sign up for a free trial, the companies automatically add you to a subscription.

This means that if you receive the product and you do not actively cancel, you will be charged.

The problem with the scammers is that they make it incredibly hard to cancel.

There are several tactics that they use here:

  • They make it difficult to contact them. This means no contact details on their website.
  • If you do manage to get in touch with them, they never respond.
  • They have a very strict timeline in which you can cancel your subscription. Normally a couple of days after receiving your free trial, so you best hope that it does not arrive late!
  • They have your card details

On the rare occasion, you will not receive a product at all.

Instead, all you have done is hand over your personal details, including your card details, to a scammer.

Keep an eye on your bank account.

What should you do if you have been hit by a free trial male enhancement scam?

For starters; you should do your best to try and solve the issue with the company you are using.

However, only spend an hour or so doing this.

If there is no easy way to cancel your subscription, then call your bank.

Tell them what has happened.

Don’t worry about them judging you, they really do not care that you have ordered male enhancement products.

They should then, hopefully, be able to put a block on any charges on your credit card.

They may need to issue you a new card.

How To Avoid Free Trial Male Enhancement Scams?

I was once in the same boat as you.

I could not find a single product online which did not seem like a scam.

If they were not making ridiculous claims, their marketing was so appalling that it was tough to trust them.

Of course, I knew that there had to be some decent male enhancement supplements out there.

People were benefiting from them.

This is why we decided to invest my money a little bit.

Work out which were the real deal and which were scams.

Yes, I lost some money on those scams, but it also enabled me to put in the work so you do not need to do so.

I have several recommendations for male enhancement products on this site.

All of these products have been bought and tested by me.

This way you know you are getting something of a high quality and, perhaps more importantly, will deliver on the promises made.

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