Hi there, my name’s Daniel Nash. Now today I’m here to tell you a little bit more about myself, my story and how I’ve come to this point where I’m actually going up on my own website and actually showing my results to people, up here, face to face on camera.

Well, it started when I was 17 and I actually looked for penis enlargement devices, pills, anything to do with enlarging my penis. I just wasn’t happy with my size; previous experiences with girls had affected me, I either didn’t let them get that far or if they did get that far I just got laughed at and abuse, they were put off instantly, I couldn’t understand. It didn’t matter if I had been seeing them for a while and happy in every other sense, as soon as they touched or felt down below because it was so small they were like “Well what can we do with that?” It Really was a low point, but you’re born that way, aren’t you? Don’t think that you can’t change it, I have done.

My Reasons

Like I said I started researching about it at the age of 17 but I didn’t actually buy it until January the 1st 2009. It was January 1st; it was my birthday the night before, my 19th birthday. I had a party; a girl I liked, again, seeing, went upstairs, got a bit fruity, and I’ll say no more, yeah, it was embarrassing. She ran off saying “What the fuck is that?” Excuse my language. “What can I do with that?” Everyone found out, it wasn’t as bad as previous experiences, this one was definitely worse and that’s what made me change it and finally decide to just go “You know what, I’m going to do it.”

The 18 months beforehand I was researching them but always got put off by people saying different things work, “This works, that works, try this” pulling you in all different directions, it tends to put you off. So January the 1st I picked a penis extender, that’s the actual method I used, the Size Genetics penis extender. Obviously I’d done a bit of research on it anyway and I decided to go with a penis extender, decided to go for that one, for reasons you’ll find out within this website and I’m so glad I have done it. In 11 months I actually gained 2.8 inches in length and 1.1 inches in girth and I’m not being laughed at any more.

It’s changed my life and that’s no exaggeration. It has worked for me but if you’re going to do the same, you’ve got to do two things; find something that’s decent, that’s actually going to work, and two, commit to it. I was committed and that’s why I saw the gains; if you’re not, you’re not going to see them.

Why I’m Doing This

That’s my story anyway and obviously that was within 11 months so this year after helping out a friend who had the same problem I decided to give my advice and help to other people through this website I have created. So now I’m up on camera, in front of everyone, other people out there that have got the same problem that I did, I’m here to help, here to show you what actually works and just tell my story and what has worked for me.

I’ve actually tested another extender on this site to rate it compared to mine, in terms of value for money etc, but the most important thing is I’m here to help and here to answer any questions you might have for me; it’s a horrible position to be in and I’m just here to tell you it can change.

Contact Me

If you want to contact me and ask me a little bit more about my story, you can have a look through my website or just contact me through the contact tab on the top bar of this website. If you’ve got any questions or you want any advice about what you should do, or what you want to do, I’ll happily answer any questions you have there; anything you do say to me is in confidence. So yeah, hopefully this site does help you in some sort of way, that’s the aim, to show you what actually works for you because I know it can be confusing.Check it out, see what you think and, like I say, if you’ve got any questions, just contact me. I look forward to seeing you in some of my other videos and take care for now.

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