7 Male Enhancement Scams To Avoid

Male Enhancement ScamsI bet if you asked most men, they would tell you that they want to boost their performance in bed.

This is not just for their personal benefit, but for the benefit of anybody they end up sleeping with.

There are many companies who are willing to capitalize upon this ‘desire’.

In fact, a massive industry has been built up around male enhancement products.

The problem, as with any large industry, is that the market is also rife with scammers.

I want to give you an overview of some of the most typical scams you can encounter in the world of male enhancement.

#1 “Free” Trial Offers

If a product says that it has a free trial, then make sure that you read the ‘fine print’. Most of them are not as free as they claim to be.

For example, you may spot the following issues:

⁃ Auto billing with a really short timeframe in which you have to cancel. I have seen some products which ask you to cancel 30 days before you are billed for the first time. This is ridiculous.

⁃ Products which are tough to cancel. In fact, there are some which make it impossible to cancel. There is no customer support to get in touch with, for instance.

I am not saying that every ‘free trial’ is a scam. This is unlikely. However, you should think ‘why are they giving me something for free?’.

#2 Hidden Drug Ingredients

There are some products on the market which are dressed up as being 100% natural products.

They are anything but. In fact, they are packed to the brim with illegal ingredients. Well, illegal due to the fact that they should not be offered without a prescription.

The problem is that these ingredients are hidden.

You have no idea they are in the product and you have no idea what sort of quantities they are included in.

They are downright dangerous.

If you find a new product that you would like to try, then make sure that you always read the FDA warnings first.

#3 Dodgy Off-Shore Pharmacies

Let’s be honest, if a company had nothing to hide, they would base themselves in a reputable country.

They would show that they have gone through the various ways in which a product can be brought to market there.

If the pharmacy is based off-shore in some random company, you have absolutely no idea about the extent of quality control that the product has gone through.

Hell, you do not even know if there has even been any quality control carried out.

I am not saying that the company should be based in the country you live in.

This is going to be impossible in most cases as you can’t really have bases all over the world.

However, if the pharmacy is based outside of the ‘Western World’, then you should really start to ask questions.

China seems to be the big one for dodgy pharmaceuticals.

#4 Un-Realistic Claims

The thing that has always baffled me is the number of people who are willing to buy into the ‘false claims’ made by certain products.

There are genuinely people out there who believe that taking a supplement will add 4-inches to the size of their penis in the space of a month.

This is impossible.

You would be lucky to add a centimeter or two.

If a claim seems unrealistic, it probably is.

There is no supplement out there that can make changes ‘overnight’ for you.

Likewise, there is no supplement which can change your physiology so drastically that your penis will be drastically larger than before or anything like that.

Most products on the market will make small and subtle changes to your life.

Changes that are big enough to make you feel good, don’t worry.

#5 Low Quality Ingredients

If a product is cheap, it is likely that it contains low quality ingredients.

Low quality ingredients are going to be nowhere near as effective as the ‘well-sourced’ ones.

Even if a product genuinely does contain a herb or other substance which has been known to help male sex enhancement, if it is cheap it is going to do nothing for you.

Give these products a skip. They are just scams. You are throwing your money on an ‘empty’ product.

#6 Counterfeit Male Enhancement Pills

When a product becomes popular, the market becomes rife with companies that copy that product. They make counterfeit versions of it.

The problem is that when a counterfeit version of a male enhancement pill is made, you do not know what has gone into it.

There is no way that the counterfeiters know the recipe.

There is no way that they are sourcing the proper ingredients.

These products are going to be wither dangerous or useless for you to consume.

If you are not buying from the website of the company that produces the male enhancement pill, then you do not know whether you are buying into a scam or not.

One product which seems to be attracting a lot of scammers at the moment is VigRX, which is a shame because if people are not buying the real thing, they will have no idea just how effective this product actually is.

#7 Counterfeit Penis Extenders

The same thing applies to counterfeit penis extenders.

The counterfeit ones are dangerous to use. They run the risk of breaking which could damage your penis.

Remember; the counterfeit products have not been tested by anybody.

A scammer has just looked at them and said “yeah. I guess this could sort-of work” and that is about it.

Avoid these products.

Of course, there are several other scams out there.

There are so many that it is nigh on impossible to talk about them all. However, these are the main ones.

If you are sensible and read reviews before you make your purchase, then I am positive that you should be protected from the vast majority of the scammers.

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